A botanical extract blend that helps bring your body into balance.




Enerjuice® Core Energy is a different approach to energy. It is not a quick pill or drink. It is a blend of liquid botanical extracts, which help restore your natural energy levels.*




Enerjuice® Core Energy is not a caffeine- based product. It contains special “Adaptogen” herbs such as Japanese Aralia, Rhodiola and Mountain Ash. Adaptogens help support the body’s natural ability to optimize mental and physical capacity.*


Stress Management

The Enerjuice® Core Energy formula was originally developed for Olympic athletes. Numerous studies have demonstrated the benefits of these adaptogenic herbs.



The adaptogenic herbs in Enerjuice® provide support for a healthy metabolic rate, improved work endurance and reduced fatigue to keep you moving!* Enerjuice® Core Energy formula works together with your nutrition and exercise program to support your weight management goals.


Our Proprietary Blend


A lot of careful thought has gone into our proprietary blend that consists of 10 primary ingredients selected to provide you with the proper energy to last throughout the day. Browse through the ingredients in our patented proprietary blend and find out what goodies are in store for you!